Kitchen garden 1




  • 5月30日に畑の準備をしたんだけど、まず耕していろんなものを混ぜて行くんですよ。
    畑を耕すって英語では? How do you say that?
  • We call it tilling the soil.
  • 耕した土に3種類を混ぜたんですが、堆肥、石灰、肥料、これを聞いてみよう。
    What do we mix in the soil?
  • After tilling the soil, we mix in a combination of kitchen compost, lime and fertilizer which will help the plants grow.
  • 肥料の袋を開けた時、臭い臭い。
    Fertilizer has a really bad smell!
    What is fertilizer?
  • Fertilizer can be different things, usually some decaying material which is why kitchen compost is so useful. Other types of fertilizer include bat guano (bat droppings) as well as cow and horse manure. After awhile, you get used to the smell.
  • 馬の糞はいいけど、コウモリの糞・・・・
    Why do we cover the ground with a plastic sheet?
  • Well, we cover the ground with black plastic sheeting for a few reasons.
    It keeps the soil warm and damp, it prevents weeds from sprouting and gives some protection from the wind.
  • さあ、準備ができたわけだから、苗を植えられるね。
    Now that you’re ready, you can plant seedlings.
  • You can but it’s best to wait about 10 to 14 days to allow your soil to set. After that, you can plant your seeds or seedlings.
  • 2週間も待てないよ!
    Why do I have to wait so long?
  • Well, you’ve just mixed and tilled your soil so you have to give it some time so that the fertilizer can be absorbed into the soil. Two weeks is usually long enough. Remember, gardening is a slow, relaxing but rewarding hobby.
  • なるほど! 土が馴染みますように!
    I’m looking forward to planting seedlings two weeks later.
  • Me too! Making a vegetable garden and watching it grow is certainly satisfying.


  • till the soil 土を耕す
  • compost, lime, fertilizer 堆肥、石灰、肥料
  • cow droppings, bat droppings 牛の糞、こうもりの糞
  • prevents weeds from sprouting 雑草を防ぐ
  • plant seedlings 苗を植える
    plant seeds 種を植える