ウィルスを英語 感染症に命名するときの注意点

ある感染症の世界的な大流行を表すパンデミックという言葉をよく耳にするようになり、この発音は海外でも通じますが、 ウィルスと言っても、なかなか伝わらなかったと言う経験はありませんか。



By the way, the novel coronavirus is now called something different.
WHO (World Health Organization) has decided on February 11, that the official name of the new coronavirus be “COVID-19”.


Ever wondered how a virus is named?

地理的な名をつけられた日本脳炎、メキシコインフルエンザ、北米インフルエンザ、カリフォルニア風邪、中東呼吸器症候群(Middle East respiratory syndrome = MERS)。

COVID-19はコヴィッド ナインティーと読み、「コロナ(Corona)」、「ウイルス(Virus)」、「病気(Disease)」、この病気がWHOに報告された「2019年」の組み合わせです。

Geographically named Japanese encephalitis, Mexican influenza, North American influenza, California cold, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).
Swine flu with animal name.
COVID-19, read as COVID Ninety, is a combination of “Corona”, “Virus”, “Disease”, and “2019” when this disease was reported to the WHO.
It is called a corona because it has a crown-shaped projection on the surface when viewed under a microscope.


The name of the illness causes certain religious and ethnic repercussions, adversely affects travel and trade and sometimes causes the necessary killing of livestock.
Therefore, it is uneasy and unpleasant if your own country or the name of a familiar animal is given.

名称はSARS(severe acute respiratory syndrome 重症急性呼吸器症候群)のように、病状の短い表現、覚えやすく、インパクトが必要だとしている。

WHO has announced best practices for the new virus that do not include geographical location, names of humans, animals, food, culture or industry.
The name, such as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), requires a short description of the medical condition, is easy to remember, and requires an impact.

今回、COVID-19と名称が決まったにも関わらず、武漢ウィルス と好んで呼ぶ人がいますが、武漢在住の人全てに不快感を与えます。

Despite the name COVID-19, some people prefer to call it the Wuhan virus, but the tide of discomfort for all residents of Wuhan is rising.
An example is a riot that occurred when a police officer stopped a person living in Wuhan on a bridge who was trying to move to a neighboring area.


It’s important that we have the right knowledge and make calm decisions and actions to minimize problems.