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Published and bound in Japan


  1. Prologue Cape Sheridan, Ellesmere Island…1909
  2. Russia… 1842
  3. California… 1849
  4. Old Crow Wing, Minnesota…1850
  5. Java Sea…1863
  6. Norfolk, Virginia…1866
  7. Rome, Italy…1881
  8. New York City…1883
  9. Russian Alaska…1871
  10. San Francisco, California…1863
  11. Greenland…1880
  12. Cochin China…1874
  13. New York City…1884
  14. San Francisco, California…1873
  15. Whaling Ship, SHY LADY, Atlantic…1884
  16. Greenland…1882
  17. The Arctic…1870
  18. Mattaponsett, Massachusetts…1884
  19. Greenland…1884
  20. New Bedford, Massachusetts…1884
  21. New York City…1884
  22. New Bedford/Onset, Massachusetts…1884
  23. Chicago, Illinois…1884
  24. Trading Post, Greenland…1884
  25. Danville, Illinois…1884
  26. New Bedford/Mattaponsett, Massachusetts…1884
  27. New York City…1884
  28. Portland, Maine…1884
  29. Massachusetts…1885
  30. Halifax, Nova Scotia…1885
  31. The Bands
  32. The SHY LADY
  33. The Offer
  34. Anchorage and Eskimos
  35. Lak’s Camp
  36. Dinner and the Dark
  37. Lak’s Arrival
  38. The Lincoln Sea
  39. To The Pole
  40. A Feeling, A Bad Feeling
  41. And When the Time is Right
  42. The Hardship of the Quest
  43. Assault on the SHY LADY
  44. Thin Ice
  45. The Dead
  46. The Missing Man
  47. The Second Attack
  48. Questions and Answers
  49. Hostages
  50. If This Be Hell…
  51. Abandon Ship
  52. Blood on the Ice
  53. The Loss of the SHY LADY
  54. The Pole
  55. Survival
  56. A Dangerous Man
  57. A Difficult Decision
  58. No Time to Lose
  59. The Passing
  60. When Hope begins to Fade
  61. The Relief Party
  62. The Death of Peter
  63. Becoming a Man
  64. Help Needed!
  65. A Speck on the Horizon
  66. All that is Left

Epilogue Cape Sheridan, Ellesmere Island…1909