Kitchen garden 4

We were able to harvest for the first time in two months after sowing the garden.

  • The 6th week after planting the seedlings, the first harvest!
    What did you harvest?

  • We picked some okra, green beens, mini tomatoes, cucumber and eggplant.
    The sweet potatoes aren’t ready yet, but it looks like we’ll have a good crop.
  • I ate one mini tomato, it was soft and tasted sweet! What’s for dinner tonight?
  • We’re going to have okra and eggplant miso soup for dinner this evening as well as a salad.
  • But you don’t like okra right?
    You should try it, after all if you don’t eat it what will you have?
  • I have tried it, that’s why I don’t like it.
    Tonight, I’ll just have some clam chowder that I have in the cupboard.
    That will suit me fine.
    Don’t forget, we’re also having a salad made with the other garden vegetables and I like salads.
  • Did you get a lot of green beans this time?
  • No, not so many.
    Next year we’ll grow something different.
    We have to make our space count because we have so little of it.
  • What plants are good for limited space?
  • Tomatoes, okra, green peppers, eggplant, and cucumber grow well in limited space.
    The sweet potatoes grow very well.
  • How about Halloween pumpkins?
    Do they taste good?
  • That’s a good idea! They taste good, if prepared properly.
    We’ll think about that for next year.
  • Yeah, pumpkin pie for next years Halloween.
  • That and perhaps more.
    We’ll just have to see what we can get out of the garden!