Kitchen garden 3

On the 14th, we erected supports near the seedlings and tied the branches. On the 5th day, the branches were wrapped around the supports.



  • 14日に苗を植えて茎から3cmのところに支柱を立てて5日目。不思議な発見!
    How can plant vines can find and wrap themselves around posts?
    They seem to have eyes.
  • Plants are living things, perhaps it is some form of instinct.
  • 大体の植物のつるは左巻きだって。
    Most vines appear to curl around on the left side of a support.
    That’s strange.
    If you change the winding method forcibly, the vine will turn around.
  • Once again, I think the plants just know. I can’t really explain it any other way.
  • 藪枯らしのつる草はハダニのいる植物に近づかない。
    The bushy vines that people dislike do not approach plants with spider mites.
    This information is amazing.
  • Well, plants are amazing. Many things about them we don’t understand and /or we take for granted. There is still much to learn from and about the Earth’s flora.
  • The flowers of tomatoes were finished and the fruits.
    It grows fast, so we can observe changes every day.

  • This is true. Some fruits and vegetables do grow quite quickly, while others might take a little more time. That’s why it is important to plant your seeds and seedlings at the proper time.


  • plant vines つる草
  • instinct 本能
  • curl around
    winding らせん状に巻きつく
  • spider mites ハダニ
  • take for granted 当たり前と考える
  • flora 植物相