Chapter 64 A Speck on the Horizon p603~604

It was one of the Inuit who was the first to see them,
he immediately caught Reiner’s attention. “Mr.
Denhard,” said the young man, “over that way, Ghan has
spotted something!”
Denhard turned and shaded his eyes from the glaring
sun and reflecting snow. Yes, there was something out
there. “Tim, I think we’ve just found what we’re looking
for.” They turned and started to make their way carefully
across the unstable ice.
Mason looked up. He was having problems seeing, he
was having problems… speaking. He held his hand to
stop the sled. “Dunn… Dunn!” he crocked and staggered
to the rear of the sled.
Dunn looked up in response to Mason’s touch. “Look
Isaac! Look over there! Do ya see it? Do ya see it?!”
Dunn looked to where Mason was pointing and began to
laugh through cracked lips. Hollister, holding onto the
edge of the sled, moved his head to try to identify
something familiar. “What? What is it?” he asked,
groping in the air. Being completely blind, was
something Hollister was very much afraid of and in the
Arctic that fear had become absolute terror.
“We’re saved Jack,” said Dunn almost on the verge of
tears. “We’re going home.”
The two parties met and Denhard shook Mason’s hand.
“The ship?” crocked Mason, “The ship and crew?”
Denhard inhaled deeply, he had dreaded the question
he knew Mason would ask. “We’ll talk Captain, we’ll
talk.” Mason collapsed against the third mate.