Sweet potato harvest

  • Hi everyone, Mini Joe here now we’re going to do something we’ve been planning to do, we’re really gonna get to it. We’re going to pick the sweet potatoes! Well, Joe is, I’m not. I’m going to sit and watch. Now we got a lot of leaves here we got to clear out. So… let’s get started and we’ll get back to you, ok!
    Hi everyone. Ok, as you can see, we cleared all this out and now it’s in bags right over there. Ok, so we’re gonna get… where’s the potatoes?
  • Uhmm, They’re in the ground.
  • In the ground. You’re gonna dig ‘em out right?
  • Yeah.
  • Ok, that’s good!
  • You gonna help?
  • No, I’m delicate.
  • I’ll dig ‘em out, ok?
  • Yeah, that’s good, ok, ok.

Joe digging up the sweet potatoes.
The photographer said, “Hey? Small? No, no, no, no, no way!”
We replaced the sweet potatoes back in the ground.

  • Hi everyone, uhmmm, the potatoes were a little smaller than we expected, so, we’re gonna wait one more month and we’re gonna try and dig ‘em up again. So, but the garden is clear and that’s good, so we’ll just try again in about a month and see how that goes. Ok, bye bye!