Misadventures with computer memory upgrade

I cracked the glass while upgrading memory to my iMac PC.
The memory is outstanding, but this crack is very sad.
Apple companies are too sophisticated in design.
Maintenance is difficult.

At one point, the memory was successfully expanded and the screen returned safely.
However, the USB insertion slot was slightly misaligned and I couldn’t make it fit.

After attaching the glass panel to the new strong double-sided adhesive, it was difficult to peel it off.
At that time, I heard a crisp sound (which, of course is never good).
I thought “What an idiot!”
However, without giving up, I proceeded with the work and corrected the position of the motherboard and attached the glass panel.
I reinforced the cracks in the glass with transparent tape, but it looked bad and made me feel down.

It was probably a bad idea to purchase the 8GB model without knowing that the 21.5-inch model memory could not be easily increased.

I decided to buy 27 inch model next time. Hopefully I won’t have the same problem!


  • upgrade アップグレード
  • misaligned ずれた
  • sophisticated 洗練された
  • insertion 挿入
  • What an idiot! この馬鹿者!
  • motherboard マザーボード
  • attached 付属